Back Extensive schedule of conferences and workshops

2022 / 11 / 30
Azaroan, ZIURek sentsibilizazioko eta kontzientziazioko dozena bat jarduera garatu ditu Gipuzkoako industria- eta enpresa-ekosistemako hainbat eragilerekin lankidetzan, lurraldeko zibersegurtasunaren arloko ezagutza indartzera bideratuta.

Extensive schedule of conferences and workshops

In the month of November, ZIUR has developed a dozen awareness-raising activities in collaboration with different agents of the industrial and business ecosystem of Gipuzkoa, aimed at reinforcing knowledge on cybersecurity in the territory.

Among other calls, thanks to ADEGI, companies in the construction sector were able to learn about the regulations, procedures and legal responsibilities in the event of a cyber incident, as well as various cybersecurity strategies appropriate for their sector.

Likewise, ZIUR organized in collaboration with Iraurgi Berritzen two talks to share a series of cybersecurity recommendations with small businesses, through a decalogue of good practices in the field of smaller industrial companies.

In addition, it received students from the Seim and Axular ikastola training centers at its facilities to discuss the fundamentals of cybersecurity in industrial environments and the need to train specialized professionals in this field.

Finally, ZIUR organized two webinars last month. One of them in collaboration with the Gipuzkoa Chamber of Commerce and the other, together with the Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers (AFM) and the Basque Cyber ​​Security Center (Basque Cyber ​​Security Center – BCSC). The latter, focused on the new regulations that affect manufacturers and users of connected industrial equipment.