Back IT managers in a practical simulation of a cybercrime

2023 / 02 / 09
ZIURek Iraurgi Berritzen agentziarekin batera,

IT managers in a practical simulation of a cybercrime

On February 9, ZIUR visited Azpeitia to give a cybersecurity seminar entitled "Crisis management: How to act in the event of a cybersecurity incident?", the result of the agreement it has with Iraurgi Berritzen, Urola Erdia's development and innovation agency. ZIUR met at the Basazabal Palace with the heads of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) of 12 industrial companies in the region and representatives of Iraurgi Berritzen.

In this first session of the cycle of conferences scheduled for 2023, María Penilla, ZIUR Technical Director, and Iker Izaguirre, ZIUR Cybersecurity Technician, presented the key points to manage in the event of a cybersecurity incident, and as a novelty, organized for those responsible of IT of the region, a simulation of a malware incident in a company.

Specifically, the participants worked through role playing the practical simulation of a cyber incident, how to deal with a situation like this, the management of a crisis situation, the creation of the crisis management committee, the key points to manage in the event of an incident of cybersecurity. There has also been space for debate and the exchange of experiences.

Next sessions

Regarding the planning of the work sessions agreed on industrial cybersecurity with Iraurgi Berritzen, the work session "Cybersecurity certificates and the most widely used regulations today" is expected to be held in May.

Through these work sessions, in addition to making known the possible technological trends in cybersecurity, it is intended to share the knowledge, projects and good practices that companies in the region are developing in this field.

As a consequence of all this, in 2022 within the framework of the programs in which Iraurgi Berritzen is working, 18 projects have been developed in 11 companies in the region.

On the one hand, to raise awareness and train in the face of phishing attacks, work has been done on the “Spear Phishing” project. On the other hand, in order to assess the current risk situation against specific attack scenarios or vectors and to be able to obtain the necessary data, work has been carried out on the "Breach and Attack Simulation" project.