Back New cybersecurity monitoring workshop in industrial control systems

2022 / 07 / 06
Industria-kontroleko sistemetan zibersegurtasuna monitorizatzeko tailer berria

New cybersecurity monitoring workshop in industrial control systems

With this conference, ZIUR sets itself the goal of increasing employee awareness of industrial cybersecurity

ZIUR held a new workshop on cybersecurity monitoring in industrial control systems on July 6, the challenge of which was to make employees aware of this important matter. The conference, held in a mixed format, that is, face-to-face and online, served to raise awareness among workers through simulated attacks or abnormal situations in industrial systems and to publicize the different monitoring tools in ICS systems that exist in the market.

The workshop was divided into two blocks. Specifically, on the one hand, the need to monitor and protect industrial networks and how to carry out this task was addressed and, on the other, the concepts introduced in the first part were shown in a practical way.

The conference was presented by María Penilla, technical director of ZIUR, and served to train the participants in the field of cybersecurity monitoring of industrial control systems, to facilitate the learning of these concepts and to demonstrate the capabilities of the ZIUR laboratory by using it practically.