Back Goierri SMEs restrains phishing attacks

2024 / 05 / 28
ZIURek Goierri Valley Gipuzkoako eskualdeko enpresen elkartearekin batera, Nola aurre egin phishing-ari nire enpresan zibersegurtasun saioa egin zuen Ordiziako Goieki Poloan maiatzaren 28an.

Goierri SMEs restrains phishing attacks

On May 28, ZIUR held, together with Goierri Valley, the business association of the Guipuzcoan region, the cybersecurity session “How to combat phishing in my company” at the Goieki Pole in Ordizia. The workshop, open to all companies in the area that wanted to prepare for this type of cyber attack, was attended by around twenty professionals of various profiles, mostly from the region, and among whom it is worth highlighting assistance in remote from professionals from the Argentine entity Andretich.

Phishing attacks are a serious cybersecurity threat that can lead to data breaches, financial loss, malware, and identity theft. Therefore, it is advisable to raise awareness among companies and their professional teams of the importance of carrying out good cybersecurity practices in their work environments, as well as provide them with the necessary tools to identify the most common threats.

In this sense, Iñaki Torrecilla, ICS security architect at ZIUR, Iker Izaguirre, cybersecurity technician at the Foundation, and Gorka Alcorta, industrial communications consultant at Cibcom Technologies-Grupo Elektra, offered the representatives of the companies Salvagroup, Labelan, Elektra and Andretich have effective strategies and recommendations that will facilitate, among other things, establishing an industrial cybersecurity protocol as well as adequate segmentation of OT networks, which will improve the cybersecurity of their organizations.

Likewise, they discussed aspects such as legal responsibilities in the event of cyber attacks, measures to avoid phishing and the importance of segmenting IT and OT networks along with a demonstration of real segmentation of the OT network of a recycling plant. In addition, they were presented with the conclusions obtained from ZIUR's "Spear Phishing" experimental project, which revolves around these social engineering attacks.

This session held with Goierri Valley is the result of the recent agreement signed between ZIUR and the association, which seeks to help small and medium-sized companies keep their data secure through conducting workshops, pilot projects and workshops.