Industrial cybersecurity reports and studies

At ZIUR Fundazioa we offer cybersecurity dissemination services for the industrial sector of Gipuzkoa. We collect the results of the analyzes and studies carried out in these reports that we make available to you. Download them and take firm steps to control cybersecurity in your company.

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Executive Report Industrial Threats Gipuzkoa Q2

"SCADA systems, IoT devices, embedded operating systems with few or no security updates, make infrastructure providers vulnerable."

ZIUR Industrial Cyber Security Center

Gipuzkoa Industrial Threats - Q2 report

With this 'Gipuzkoa Industrial Threats - Q2' report, companies in the Gipuzkoan manufacturing and iron and steel industry will be able to learn about and deal with current cybersecurity risks, as well as acquire a global vision of the current scenario.

The goal is for these companies to be aware of the trends, techniques, and tactics used by cybercriminals so they can invest in security defense and detection technologies.

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