Back Training workshops on cybersecurity for professionals and students

2022 / 02 / 28
Zentroak hainbat tailer hartu ditu urtarrilean eta otsailean, eta horietan zibersegurtasunari buruzko erakustaldiak egin dira.

Training workshops on cybersecurity for professionals and students

The center welcomed professionals from companies in the industrial sector and students from different training centers, to give them training courses that included demonstrations in the laboratory.

Ziur continues to work to raise awareness and train the industrial fabric of Gipuzkoa and students in cybersecurity. On January 28, six companies visited the center to learn about the services it offers and the help it can provide them to prevent computer attacks.

The Ziur team presented these companies with the current situation of the industrial sector in terms of cybersecurity, based on data obtained from the center's own Observatory. They were also given a demonstration of a security incident on a machining process and another on how the tools that are already available on the market can help detect and stop this type of attack.

Likewise, on January 25, it was the students of the AI ​​master's degree at the University of Tecnun who visited Ziur and toured the laboratory, where they simulated an attack on a machining plant. A week earlier, on January 18, Ziur hosted a workshop given by Josu Barrientos and Lander Irazusta, from ITS Security, which served to help detect and respond quickly to this type of computer attack.