Back Women make their way into the field of cybersecurity

2022 / 09 / 28
ASPEGIk (Gipuzkoako Emakume Profesional, Enpresari eta Zuzendarien Elkartea) eta ZIURek (Gipuzkoako Zibersegurtasun Industrialeko Zentroa) jardunaldi bat egin dute gaur goizean Donostian, emakume enpresaburuak eta zuzendariak zibersegurtasunak beren negozioetan duen eraginaz eta emakumeak esparru teknologikoetan duen zereginaz sentsibilizatzeko.

Women make their way into the field of cybersecurity

ZIUR and Aspegi offer practical advice to raise awareness among managers and businesswomen in Gipuzkoa about protecting their businesses

Aspegi (Association of Professional Women, Entrepreneurs and Managers of Gipuzkoa) and ZIUR (Industrial Cybersecurity Center of Gipuzkoa) have held a conference this morning in Donostia to raise awareness among businesswomen and managers about the impact of cybersecurity in their businesses and on the role of women in technological fields.

Cybersecurity has become a necessity for all kinds of activities. ZIUR is working to help Gipuzkoa industry to adopt greater control measures in this area, boost the cybersecurity sector itself and ultimately contribute to the competitiveness of companies and businesses. In this sense, the president of Aspegi, Nerea Ibáñez García, has pointed out that "it is a gap that we have pending".

With this vision, ZIUR and Aspegi have opened a line of collaboration to raise awareness and train businesswomen and managers on the measures to adopt in cybersecurity, regardless of their sector of activity or the size of their businesses. To do this, the technical director of ZIUR, María Penilla, has presented a basic guide of practical cybersecurity tips that can be implemented in a simple way.

On the other hand, the conference has also had an impact on the presence of women in technological fields with the presence of Daniela Kominsky, country manager of Iberia and Italy of Cymulate, and Eduvigis Ortiz, Leader of Strategic Alliances of SAS. Both are representatives of the Women4Cyber association, created to promote and make visible the role of women in cybersecurity from a professional perspective.

The low presence of female talent in the technological field was the focus of the round table that closed the event and in which Isabel Busto, president of Confebask and deputy general manager of Zuchetti Spain, participated; Eduvigis Ortiz, president of Women4Cyber; and Eider Sánchez, founder of the startup Naru Intelligence. “We have to make ourselves visible. That we talk about opportunities for women in the sector when we talk about the talents that we need in the sector”, Eduvigis Ortiz pointed out. In this sense, the colloquium insisted on the need for a social change that allows promoting these vocations from earlier ages. On the other hand, the participants in the colloquium have assured that when it comes to entrepreneurship, the technological base is essential, but it is necessary to have multidisciplinary and complementary teams.

In the same vein, the director of strategic projects of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, Unai Andueza, made a statement at the closing of the event. “One of our main challenges is to maintain the quality of life in the territory. In this context, the commitment to new economies that seek to maintain social cohesion and quality of life is framed. And we can't afford to lose half the talent."