2020 / 07 / 01

More than six months have passed since we inaugurated the ZIUR Fundazioa premises in Zuatzu and started to work at full capacity to implement the strategic lines underpinning our foundation: dissemination; awareness building and skills development; investigation; experimentation and prevention in the area of cybersecurity.


During this time, thanks to the lines of collaboration established with the business fabric of Gipuzkoa, we have implemented three main lines:


  • Assessment and guidance: more than 25 organisations from all parts of the Historical Territory of Gipuzkoa, have placed their trust in us, giving us a highly positive rating.

  • Awareness building and Dissemination: we have taken part in 11 events as experienced professionals in cybersecurity. This has allowed us to collaborate and to create opportunities with leading agents and companies in the sector, while also meeting one of our goals. Likewise, we have promoted the spread of knowledge through our own events, attended by dozens of companies from Gipuzkoa.

  • Technical Skill Development Workshop: more than 10 organisations were able to share this workshop with experts from the sector, held at our own facilities. The opening of the ZIUR offices to Gipuzkoa-based industry was an important milestone for us, although it is only the beginning of the service that we would like to offer in the near future.


With regard to the upcoming months, in which we will have to adapt to the "new" normal, we will continue to go deeper into these three lines of action that have already been set in motion. Furthermore, we will make available to all those companies wishing to use it, the Security Self-diagnosis Tool developed together with LEET Security and which is already at the testing stage with the AFM and with some collaborating companies. We will also build and set up the Laboratory, offering companies the possibility of coming to our facilities to work in the laboratory over the next year. Finally, we will work together with a number of cybersecurity experts to prepare the first cybersecurity guides, based on the results obtained in the projects that we are currently working on in our Observatory.

This is our roadmap and, with the experience gained over these last few months, we know that we can count on your support to do it together. You have placed your trust in us, as you have made us aware, and we would like you to continue to do so, because we all share one common goal: to protect your companies and your know-how, helping to preserve the business fabric of Gipuzkoa and to make it more secure.