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Back Report on EU Cyber Resilience Act Law

Report about Cyber Resilience Act

"Failure to comply with the requirements established by law may result in administrative fines of up to 15 million euros or 2.5% of the organization's turnover, as the case may be."

ZIUR Industrial Cyber Security Center

Report about Cyber Resilience Act

ZIUR includes in this report the scope of the European regulation EU Cyber Resilience Act, the Cyber Resilience Law of the European Union that will be released soon, and whose objective is to protect consumers and companies against digital products that do not comply with the adequate security features.

Due to the increase in devices connected to the Internet in recent years (IoT), the need has arisen to standardize cybersecurity requirements at a European level to ensure that industrial organizations can correctly choose the devices to use.

In this sense, ZIUR carries out in the document an analysis of the implications that it will entail for the industrial sector, taking into account the current general situation, the regulatory context and the scope of said law, which will reinforce cybersecurity regulations and the security of products.


  1. Introduction
  2. Regulatory context
  3. Scope of the law
  4. Implications for the industrial sector
  5. Conclusions

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