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2023 / 12 / 19
ZIURek, lurraldeko enpresa industrialek zibersegurtasunaren inguruko esperientziak parteka ditzaten duela urtebete sortutako espazioa finkatu du. ZIURek bultzatutako lankidetza-taldeak, informazio erabilgarria partekatzeko eta azken urtean ugaritu egin diren eraso informatikoen aurrean laguntzeko konfiantzazko sarea eratu duten 43 CIO (sistemen arduradunak) ditu gaur egun.

ZIUR consolidates the space created for companies to share experiences on cybersecurity

30 companies, twice as many as last year, meet to share information in the face of a cyber crisis in a key meeting for the Gipuzkoa industry

The Gipuzkoa Industrial Cybersecurity Center has consolidated the space created a year ago for industrial companies in the territory to share experiences around cybersecurity. The collaboration group promoted by ZIUR currently has 43 CIOs (system managers), who have built a network of trust to share useful information and to support each other in the face of computer attacks, which have multiplied in the last year.

ZIUR, one of the reference centers created by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, held this Tuesday a key meeting for industrial cybersecurity, attended by 35 CIOs and CISOs (cybersecurity managers) from 30 Gipuzkoa companies. "ZIUR is much more than a physical space and a supporting technological infrastructure. It is a strategy to promote collaboration and experimentation following the collaborative governance model that we are strengthening in Gipuzkoa. To generate new spaces for relationships and networking between companies and agents. Spaces of trust, 'informal', but that have enormous value because in this case they allow those who manage the day-to-day information and cybersecurity in companies to share doubts, concerns, procedures, success stories or new "Initiatives like this strengthen us as a territory and as an industry," explained the deputy for Economic Promotion and Strategic Projects, Ane Insausti.

This collaboration network stands as a complementary protective shield against cyber attacks, since it allows information and experiences to be shared between the people responsible for managing cybersecurity in the industry. Thus, during the meeting, ZIUR shared with the CIOs different experiences related to the response that must be given to a cyber incident with a double objective: to prevent these attacks and to be able to manage a cyber crisis. The CIOs themselves have also explained the situations they have had to face in the last year and how they have managed to solve them.

Likewise, Igor Navascues, from Mytra, participated in this meeting, who detailed the conclusions of a project that consists of evaluating security in the ICS (Industrial Control System) environments of 18 companies from various industrial sectors. These types of initiatives collect very valuable information about the devices most used in organizations, their vulnerability and the security measures implemented, among other issues.

Subsequently, Amor Domínguez, from TÜViT, part of the TÜV Nord group, presented the panorama of cybersecurity regulations that are being developed at the European level and that will be applied to the industry. Specifically, in the coming months there will be important changes in different regulations (NIs2, CRA, IEC 62443), which is why ZIUR wants to help Gipuzkoa companies to be prepared for this new situation.

About ZIUR

ZIUR works from a concern for industrial cybersecurity to strengthen the competitiveness and international positioning of industrial companies and, at the same time, promote the development of the technology sector in Gipuzkoa. Since its opening in 2019, ZIUR has collaborated with nearly 800 industrial companies, associations, agents in the field of cybersecurity, public organizations and educational centers, and has established itself as a trusted ally for the Guipuzcoan industry in terms of cybersecurity.