Back Agreement between ZIUR and CCI

2019 / 12 / 12

We have entered into a collaboration agreement with the Centre for Industrial Cybersecurity with a view towards exchanging strategies, developing joint actions, pooling skills and benefiting from synergies.

The CCI (Industrial Cybersecurity Centre), which seeks to promote and contribute to improving Industrial Cyber security primarily in Spain and Latin America, will be one of the institutions we will collaborate with to improve the services offered to Gipuzkoan businesses, among other things.

The main purpose of this collaboration agreement will be to develop collaboration processes between both organisations, to search for synergies so as to join forces and improve the cyber security consultancy services offered to companies.

This collaboration agreement is the first step in an international positioning strategy aimed towards expanding our presence outside the region, as well as creating an opportunity to interact with specialist agents that will help to strengthen technology monitoring and facilitate the dissemination and exchange of knowledge by raising awareness and providing training to Gipuzkoa's business sector.