Back Axular Lyceum students receive a cybersecurity awareness class at ZIUR

2022 / 03 / 17
Axular Lizeoko DBHko 2. eta 4. mailako ikasleek zibersegurtasunari buruzko sentsibilizazio klase bat jaso zuten ZIUR Gipuzkoako Zibersegurtasun Industrialeko Zentroan. Ikasleek bertatik bertara ezagutu ahal izan zuten zibersegurtasunaren garrantzia beren eguneroko bizitzan, baita sare sozialen erabilera arduratsua zein den ere, besteak beste.

Axular Lyceum students receive a cybersecurity awareness class at ZIUR

2nd and 4th year of Compulsory Secondary Education students from the Axular Lyceum, received a cybersecurity awareness class at the Gipuzkoa Industrial Cybersecurity Centre, ZIUR. The students were able to learn first-hand about the importance of cybersecurity in their daily lives and how fundamental the responsible use of social networks is, among other issues.

Specifically, on March 15, it was the 4th of Compulsory Secondary Education students from this San Sebstián-based school who came to ZIUR to receive a class on the risks of the Internet or the importance of privacy on the Internet. ZIUR also informed them about the professional opportunities that exist in this sector, since cybersecurity is currently one of the fields that most demands employment.

A day later, it was the 2nd year of Compulsory Secondary Education students who came to the center and visited its observatory, from where the threats that exist in industrial cybersecurity are identified and companies in the territory are helped to manage these possible attacks. With these students, the talk focused on the dangers that they can find in social networks and also simulated the hacking of an app that they use daily.

From Axular Lyceum they thanked ZIUR for holding this "interesting activity" for their students.