Back ASPEGI and ZIUR bring cybersecurity closer to businesswomen in Gipuzkoa

2022 / 04 / 22
Aspegik eta ZIURek zibersegurtasuna hurbildu diete Gipuzkoako emakume enpresaburuei

ASPEGI and ZIUR bring cybersecurity closer to businesswomen in Gipuzkoa

ASPEGI, the Gipuzkoa Association of Professional Women, Entrepreneurs and Managers, and ZIUR, the Industrial Cybersecurity Center promoted by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council within the Etorkizuna Eraikiz initiative, open a stage of collaboration to help Aspegi associates to strengthen protection of their companies against cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity has become a necessity for all kinds of activities. ZIUR is working to help Gipuzkoa industry to adopt greater control measures in this area, boost the cybersecurity sector itself and ultimately contribute to the competitiveness of companies.

To do this, ZIUR develops its activity in an ecosystem made up of companies, universities, training and technology centers that work to develop specialized solutions and new knowledge in cybersecurity.

ASPEGI carries out several projects with the aim of contributing to achieving equal opportunities and rights in the economic, social and labor spheres between men and women. From this perspective, this year's Meetings with a gender perspective will have digital transformation as a common thread. In this context, cybersecurity is a determining aspect that will be addressed, from different angles, with the collaboration of ZIUR.

The director of the Gipuzkoa Industrial Cybersecurity Center, Koldo Peciña, considers that this collaboration will allow "progress in two directions: on the one hand, to reinforce the adoption of cybersecurity measures among ASPEGI associates and, on the other, to promote professional opportunities for women in the cybersecurity sector”. For her part, the president of ASPEGI, Nerea Ibañez, believes that “in order to advance equal opportunities and competitiveness, the professionals and businesswomen of Gipuzkoa are aware of the importance of cybersecurity in our activities. This alliance with ZIUR will undoubtedly provide us with the necessary tools to achieve this”.