Back ZIUR addresses in its latest cyber intelligence report the threats to the retail industry and the risks of migration to the cloud

2023 / 12 / 28
ZIURek bere ziberinteligentziari buruzko azken txostena aurkeztu du. Bertan, urteko laugarren hiruhilekoko bi alderdi nagusi jorratzen ditu: batetik, retail industriak Gabonetako kanpainetan jasaten dituen mehatxuak, Black Friday edo Ciber Monday, eta, bestetik, cloud inguruneen aldeko apustua egiten duten erakundeen kopurua eta horrek euskal industria-ehunari dakartzan arrisku zibernetikoak.

ZIUR addresses in its latest cyber intelligence report the threats to the retail industry and the risks of migration to the cloud

ZIUR has presented its latest cyber intelligence report, in which it addresses two key aspects of the fourth quarter of the year: on the one hand, the threats suffered by the retail industry during the Christmas, Black Friday or Cyber Monday campaigns and, on the other, the increase in the number of organizations that are committed to cloud environments and the cyber risks that this entails for the Basque industrial fabric.

Regarding the first case, promotional campaigns in the retail sector are not only a lure for consumers, but are also “marked in red on the calendar for many cybercriminals,” the report warns. The main threats consist of identity theft, attacks on payment gateways and data theft and can affect all parties involved, that is, both the businesses themselves, financial institutions, and logistics companies. and to consumers. The most frequent cyberattacks are phishing, falsification of mobile applications, social engineering attacks, web skimming, brute force, code injection, ransomware or those that affect the supply chain.

On the other hand, it is estimated that up to 92% of organizations host part of their data in cloud environments, tools that are especially relevant in the Basque industrial fabric taking into account that Euskadi aims to become a future HUB of digital infrastructures, according to contemplated in the Strategy for the Transformation of Euskadi 2025 (ETDE2025) of the Basque Government. The fact that Euskadi has its own Data Center and acquires an important role in the field of digital infrastructures “will make it a target for threat actors, which will affect both public organizations and the entire industrial ecosystem.” , warn from ZIUR, the Industrial Cybersecurity Center of Gipuzkoa.

For this reason, the ZIUR cyber intelligence report proposes a series of recommendations and measures to avoid these attacks and also exposes certain vulnerabilities that have been discovered in the last period of 2023 and that have compromised the cybersecurity of leading companies worldwide.