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Back Cyber Intelligence Report: Industrial Sector 4Q 2023

Cyber Intelligence Report: Industrial Sector 4Q 2023

"There has been an increase in Active Directory attacks"

ZIUR Industrial Cyber Security Center

Cyber Intelligence Report: Industrial Sector 4Q 2023

If the fourth quarter of the year is characterized by something, it is by the large volume of online sales that are made, becoming the commercial stage that has the most weight in the economic balances of many companies. Threat actors are no strangers to this reality and each year it is seen how they intensify their activity during this time of year.

Therefore, this report will explain which industrial sectors are most attacked during the Christmas, Black Friday or Cyber Monday campaigns. The different objectives of each attack will also be explained according to the methodology used by cybercriminals in each case.


1. Introduction
2. Cyber risks of the quarter with the most online sales:

  • Target sectors of cybercriminals
  • Most frequent types of cyber attacks

3. The migration of the industry's IT infrastructure to the cloud, in the spotlight:

  • Euskadi, future digital infrastructure hub
  • Top cloud security hotspots
  • Rise of attacks against Active Directory
  • Aspects to Keep in Mind About Cloud Security

4. Most relevant security breaches of the 4th quarter:

  • Http/2 Rapid Reset Vulnerability
  • Citrixbleed Vulnerability

5. Conclusions and recommendations
6. Glossary

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