Back ZIUR identifies the cybersecurity trends with the greatest impact on the Gipuzkoan industry in 2023

2022 / 12 / 27
ZIURek, Gipuzkoako Zibersegurtasun Industrialeko Zentroak, 2023an Gipuzkoako enpresen zibersegurtasuna indartzeko orduan kontuan hartu beharreko lau joera nagusi identifikatu ditu. Industria-inguruneko eraldaketa digitalaren prozesuak izan duen bilakaerak, askotan sistema tradizionalekin batera erabiltzen diren teknologia berriak sartu direla erakusten du.

ZIUR identifies the cybersecurity trends with the greatest impact on the Gipuzkoan industry in 2023

Increased connectivity limits the effectiveness of generic protection measures

The Gipuzkoa Industrial Cybersecurity Center, ZIUR, has identified four major trends to take into account when reinforcing the cybersecurity of Gipuzkoan companies throughout 2023. The evolution in the digital transformation process in the industrial environment implies the incorporation of new technologies that coexist, in many cases, with traditional systems. This increase in connectivity implies a greater risk of cyberattacks and limits the effectiveness of generic protection measures. For this reason, the report on 2023 trends, prepared by ZIUR, recommends paying attention to four trends that will have a special impact in the industrial field.

The growing increase in connected devices, cybersecurity in teleworking, the development of artificial intelligence and the promotion of a culture of cybersecurity are the areas in which ZIUR recommends focusing especially on protection against cyberattacks.

The increase in the connection and integration of organization systems with the different sources of information or devices present in industrial organizations, as well as the adoption of new communication technologies within organizations in the industrial sector, has led to the appearance of new attack vectors that can be used by cybercriminals. In this sense, the general director of ZIUR, Koldo Peciña, assures that "cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and targeted, especially within the industrial sector, due to the criticality of many of its operations."

Next year various initiatives will come into force with the aim of increasing security in connected systems and cloud environments, informing consumers and users about the threats associated with each device.

The incorporation of new cybersecurity measures in the field of teleworking will be a necessity in the industrial sector, which must continue to deepen the process of identifying and mitigating the risks associated with this way of carrying out professional activity and that can affect the vulnerability of your computer network.

The greater sophistication of the attacks, as well as the methods used, point to a growing use of Artificial Intelligence mechanisms to identify and act against intrusion attempts.

Lastly, the continuous deployment of awareness campaigns among company staff is an elementary cybersecurity mechanism as it makes it possible to learn about the different risks associated with the use of systems and, above all, how to act in the event of a cyberattack.

In order to help the Gipuzkoan industry to face these trends, ZIUR has defined three priority lines of action: reinforce security in the companies' supply chain, promote training in cybersecurity incident management and support the creation specialized talent in a sector with a growing need for professionals.

Balance 2022

Throughout the year 2022 ZIUR has extended its collaboration with companies, associations, educational centers and various agents related to cybersecurity. In this context, the new lines of action promoted with Aspegi (Association of Businesswomen and Executives of Gipuzkoa), Adegi and Women4Cyber, or the creation of the ZIUR Cybersecurity Classroom in collaboration with the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of the Basque Country ( UPV/EHU) in order to intensify the relationship between the academic and business worlds and improve the development of the skills of teaching staff, research staff and students.

More than 200 companies have participated in the workshops and training and awareness sessions developed. Likewise, 4 new projects have been promoted in collaboration with companies and technology centers.

ZIUR's cybersecurity laboratory has been used by more than 10 companies to carry out different demonstrations and tests of cybersecurity solutions in a secure environment. Recently, this laboratory has expanded the services it offers with the implementation of a solution for industrial robots.

It also highlights the creation of an "Industrial Cybersecurity Observatory" to continuously analyze the context and help companies manage the different risks related to threats, technologies, new regulations and trends.

In this context, there has been an increase in market demands in terms of cybersecurity due to the increase in the attack surface in the business environment. At the same time, there has been a greater maturity of the Gipuzkoan industrial sector in terms of cybersecurity, by incorporating new security mechanisms.